Grievance Redressal for Non-teaching Staff

1. Dr. Priyadarshini Shanmugam, Professor, Microbiology                    - Convener
2. Dr. Maignanakumar, Assistant Professor, Pharmacology                   - Member
3.Dr. S. Govindarajalu, Professor, Biostatistics                                    - Member
4.Mrs. P. Kogila, Associate Professor, Child Health Nursing , CCN          - Member
5.Mrs. J. Amudha, Matron                                                                  - Member

1. It is the duty of the Cell to prominently display the name of the Convener and the other members of the Cell along with their Phone Nos., whom to contact, how to contact, etc.
2. The Grievance Redressal Cell should hear the grievances of the Non-teaching staff with patience and redress the grievances with law and justice.
3. The Complaint should be in writing with complete signature of the individual with full address.
4. In case of emergency, the Grievance should be settled within 48 hours and in normal practice within maximum of 14 days.
5. If an individual submit a Grievance to a member, the same can be solved by the member across the table if possible. If not the same should be communicated to the Committee.
6. If the Committee is unable to solve the Grievance, it may forward the same to the Vice Chancellor and the Registrar and his/her decision will be the final.
7. If no grievances are received, the convener of the Committee shall submit a “NIL” report for every quarter to the Registrar. 8. Reports on the activities of the Cell should be periodically sent to the Registrar.
Meetings so far held
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