CME / Guest lecture
Event Date Organized by
Name of the Topic
05.04.2019 Biochemistry Hemoglobinopathies - Past, Present & Future
22.03.2019 General Surgery Approach to Peripheral Vascular Disease
20.03.2019 General Medicine Endocrine Emergencies Recognition and Treatment
09.03.2019 Microbiology Is Infertility Preventable?
07.03.2019 Biochemistry Thyrovizion
19.02.2019 General Surgery Approach To Goitre & Overview Of Carcinoma Breast
09.02.2019 Ophthalmology Fluid Management
08.02.2019 General surgery Making of A Surgeon
30.01.2019 General surgery Current Trends In Koch’s Disease In Tamilagam Stake Holders Of Its Control And Existency Of The Disease My Roadmap For Youngsters & Yesters For The Surgical Faternity
18.01.2019 Orthopaedics Flexor Tendon Injuries
04.01.2019 Microbiology Renal Disease – A Practical Approach
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