CME / Guest lecture
Event Date Organized by
Name of the Topic
19.01.2018 Microbiology Renal Disease A Practical Approach
27.01.2018 Pathology Giant Cell Rich Bone Lesions
23.03.2018 Physiology Begin with Sleep
26.03.2018 Paediatrics Approach to Unconscius Child
28.03.2018   Lecture on Medico Legal Documentation
18.04.2018   Faculty Development program
20.04.2018   Intraocular Infections
27-04-2018   Updates in Bronchial Asthma
02-05-2018   Maternal Near Miss
05.05.2018   Role of Today on maintaining body mechanics during pregnancy
25.05.2018   Facilitating the Facilitator
02.07.2018   Approach to Congenital Heart Diseases
30.07.2018   ORS all the day keeps dehydration at the bay
03.08.2018   Breast Feeding Foundation of life & Nourishment for life
10.08.2018   CME on Epilepsy
24.08.2018   Thyroid Disorders in Pregnancy
23.08.2018   Allergy Testing Program
24.08.2018   Respiratory Infections - Perspectives in Clinical Microbiology, Infection control and Antimicrobial Guidelines
31.08.2018   Approach to soft tissue Lesions
25.09.2018   Emerging Pneumonia Issues & Current dilemma” (EPIC)
24.10.2018   Genitourinary Problems After Menopause
24.10.2018   Internal Quality Assurance Cell
02.11.2018   Precision Medicine : Does proper diagnosis of Diabetes make a difference in therapy?
08.11.2018   Infections in Pregnancy
15.11.2018   Current Strategies in Prevention of Preterm Labour
14.11.2018   Interactive CME on World Diabetes Day
14.11.2018 General Medicine Women and Diabetes
15.11.2018 General Medicine Management of diabetes in Children and adolescents
16.11.2018 General Medicine Management of diabetes in special situation-Hypoglycemic events
17.11.2018 General Medicine Interactive session on Diabetes Mellitus
20.11.2018 General Medicine Management of diabetes in special situation-Sick days / hospitalised and ICU patients
21.11.2018 General Medicine Newer management devices in Diabetes
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