School of Architecture - Student Life

The School offers the students a unique experience as they pursue their degrees. The combination of creative thought and technical analysis is the key part of being a successful architect. In this impetus, curriculum at Chettinad School of Architecture has been developed in a way that enables the architecture theory and culture and also allows the students to understand exactly how these forces help them work in the built environment. Besides they have a free hand to work together in a fluid, non-hierarchical manner to re-think assumptions, create, explore, and test the limits of architecture apart from the theoretical knowledge that students gain, a critical part of the course includes practical application.

Through activities such as Guest lectures and talks, educational tours, forums and exchange programmes, students are exposed to various new aspects and facets of the discipline. Highlights of the program are:

  • Expert lectures by eminent academics and practicing architects
  • Educational tours involving in-depth study, analysis and documentation of historical sites / precincts
  • Participation in various national and international forums to give students a deep and diverse exposure
  • Conferences, seminars, workshops and exhibitions for students on various themes and topics
  • Extension projects that promote societal sensitivity and community welfare
  • Semester abroad / summer schools at foreign universities
  • Vastly experienced and dynamic Faculty Members
  • A world class infrastructure to accommodate all the needs of the students.
  • Air conditioned classrooms, digital labs and workshops for the students to explore their creativity.
  • Proficiencyin Teamwork Performance
  • Regular site visits and collaborated workshops
  • Close association with industrial organization and various professional bodies.
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