School of Architecture - Dean Speak

Architecture is a collaborative art. Architecture is never one thing but a combination of possibilities. Many architecture schools function as academies, pampering a definite way, insistent about one mode of aesthetic expression or one way of doing architecture, convincing students in adapting certain ideologies. But today's ideologies grow old tomorrow. Singular systems of design are no substitutes for methodologies.Our responsibility is to see architecture in a panoramic way and to think problems through. We will not encourage a definite theory, rather we will keep open the doors of perception to the wide world of diversity. We are open to questions and accept disagreements.

The percentage of urban population in India has grown to a great extent and also is expected to grow further in the coming years. This demands contemporary and innovative solutions from architects, designers and planners. One of the driving factors for establishing the Faculty of Architecture is to explore, develop, and meet the needs of the society through their design format.

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