School of Physiotherapy
Student Life  
a) Classroom:

The catalysts for the school's excellence are its amenities and modern infrastructure which also includes a hospital, comprehensive curriculum, and experienced faculty. Through the use of technology, students are provided with hands-on experience on various aspects of science while creative workshops, seminars, on-site experiences, and interactive sessions constantly provide students the opportunity to exchange and explore ideas. The School also provides student and faculty exchange program at national and international level.

Key Highlights:
  • Renowned faculty with rich teaching and research experience
  • Excellent infrastructural facilities
  • Exercise therapy unit, gait training lab, electrotherapy unit, sports and fitness unit.
  • Interdisciplinary research MOU with regular visits and training
  • MOU with clinical research organizations to learn more about clinical research
  • Updates on current trends through continuous education program (CEP)
  • Diverse collection of books, national and international journals, databases and software related to posture evaluation, fitness awareness.
  • Value-add program to meet the challenges of the physiotherapy profession like Yoga, Acupressure, Tai Chi, Fitness Course and Manual therapy certification will be included along with the course.
b) Extra-Curricular activity:

Health and physical fitness have always been an integral part of college life at Chettinad School of Physiotherapy. The campus is equipped with many modern and state-of-the-art facilities such as gym and swimming pool which students can utilize for both recreational purposes and sports activities.

Key Highlights:
  • Swimming pool
  • Gymnasium
  • Indoor and outdoor sports facilities
c) Residential Facilities:

Residing at campus enables students to widen their horizons and acquire important inter-personal skills. With a diverse and eclectic student body, the hostels are one of the many places within the campus where students can interact and share views on a variety of subjects. The hostels also offer facilities that ensure every student's requirements for a smooth and pleasant stay.

Key Highlights:
  • Air-conditioned rooms
  • TV & Wi-Fi
  • Inclusive of all meals
  • Saloon & spa
Campus Life  

Chettinad School of Physiotherapy has a world class infrastructure with eco-friendly environment. There are modernized audiovisual aided air-conditioned class room, highly advanced museums, highly equipped demonstration hall and Super-specialty hospital with varying patient flow for a practical exposure. Also, a central library with adequate latest edition of textbooks, Journal subscription and digital online library,food courts and cafeterias, secured hostel, sports activities like basketball, tennis, volleyball courts and other indoor games were provided. Adding to that, the school has a 1500 seated auditorium to conduct varying national and international conferences.

Students Club  

There are many clubs for the students to promote knowledge on both academic as well as clinical aspect. To begin with, the school has started collaborating with the other departments of Chettinad Academy of Research and Education to promote knowledge on

1. Innovative club

2. Journal club

  1. Innovative club: Innovative club provides a forum through which the physiotherapy students collaborate with students of Medicine, Pharmaceutical science and Allied health Science to present their ideas and innovative thoughts. The club helps these budding ideas by giving them a boost to convert ideas into invention of something appreciable and significant.

  2. Journal Club: Journal club presentations provide a forum through which Physiotherapy students keep abreast of newer model of evaluation and intervention methods in various clinical aspects and engage in informal discussion and interaction. Furthermore, honing presentation skills and mastering the ability to critically appraise the evidence add to our armamentarium as Physiotherapist.

Use of these tools and techniques will contribute to the success of their presentations.


Careers in Physiotherapy  

Physiotherapy graduates will find roles in private practices or multispecialty hospitals and at sports centres. Specific roles will include tending to the elderly, while undertaking orthopaedics, obstetrics, paediatrics and sports medicine.

Key Facts
  • Private Practice with Team
  • Healthcare Organisations
  • Sports Rehab Centre
  • Corporate Work places
  • Geriatric centre
  • OBG clinic
  • Obesity & Fitness centre
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