School of Pharmaceutical Sciences

D. Pharm Diploma in Pharmacy

D. Pharm is a two year full time diploma course with an additional three months of hospital training. D. Pharmacy has been designed to prepare the candidates to work as pharmacists in hospitals, community pharmacies and other related pharmaceutical fields. During the course of study, students get familiarized with the basic concepts of pharmaceutical sciences and acquire necessary skills to take up positions in retail pharmacies and pharmaceutical companies. In addition, they will be trained to work as members of an interdependent health care team at Government and Private hospitals. The course provides an overview of theory and various principles and practices involved in the science of pharmacy and provides training and skill development to work as pharmacists.

B. Pharm - Bachelor of Pharmacy

B. Pharm is a undergraduate degree course with a four year duration spread over 8 semesters. The course trains students in the various aspects of pharmaceutical sciences and makes them ready to take on various roles in the pharmaceutical industry. Possessing the knowledge of medicines and biology, graduates may perform tasks such as prescribing appropriate medicine to patients (pharmacist), clinical research and work at pharmaceutical companies in production, quality control, marketing and regulatory units.

Ph. D Programme

The details for admission to Ph.D programme will be notified separately in the month of January/February 2020 or July/August 2020. As per the UGC guidelines, admission test will be conducted and there will be a provision for scholarship / fellowship to the students.

Role of Pharmacists
  • Pharmacists prepare or supervise the dispensing of medicines, advice patients on how their medicines are to be taken or used in the safest and most effective way in the treatment of common ailments.

  • Advise members of public and other health professionals about medicines (both prescription and over-the-counter medicines), including appropriate selection, dosage and drug interactions, potential side and therapeutic effects.

  • Select, give advice on and supply non-prescription medicine, sickroom supplies and other products .

  • Develop legally recognized standards and advise on government controls and regulations concerning the manufacture and supply of medicines.

  • Work in the research and development of medicines and other health-related products.

  • Be involved in management of pharmaceutical companies.


The curriculum infuses graduate style learning with experiential learning with an emphasis on scientific curriculum and a focus on specialized opportunities.

Foundation Courses:

All students shall take foundation courses in Chemistry, Biology, Anatomy, Physiology, Pathology and on preparation of dosage forms during their first and second year.

Focus Area:

Students will have an opportunity to delve more deeply in to variety of disciplines like medicinal chemistry, nanotechnology, pharmacology, toxicology and other emerging spectrum of areas of health sciences and life sciences.

Research Emphasis:

This program is designed to provide the students an early exposure of high quality laboratory based research. In the second semester, students will be introduced to Health Science Research along with their regular curriculum. This course introduces the students to scientific literature review, hypothesis formulation / generation and methodology of investigation. To facilitate student research opportunities, the course also encourages mini projects from third semester to seventh semester. During their eighth semester, the students will be in a position to engage themselves in quality research projects.

Experiential Learning or Co-Operative Education

Students will have an opportunity to carry out experiential learning activities during their summer vacation.

Year 1: Summer: Dispensing Pharmacy - Aims to train the students in dispensing medicines in the Pharmacy.

Year 2: Summer: Industrial Training – Aims to provide supervised practical training with a specified time frame in different departments of an Industry.

Year 3: Summer: Practice School – Internship for the students in Hospital and Pharmaceutical Industries.

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