Medical Post Graduate Courses - Pharmacology
(M.D. Pre and Para Clinical - 3 Years)
The overall goal of the course is to develop expertise in the field of Pharmacology and rational approach to drug development and therapy so that he/she shall be competent to pursue various activities as demanded by the profession as a Pharmacologist and as a doctor.


At the end of the course the student should be able to

  • Have a holistic knowledge of the source, chemical structure, actions, mechanisms, adverse     effects and pre clinical and clinical evaluation of the various drugs used and drugs to be used in therapy.
  • To practice and promote rational drug therapy with a sound knowledge of drugs.
  • Teach Pharmacology effectively  to the students of under graduate & post graduate  Medical, Paramedical and other related courses
  • Evaluate the drug effects in animals and humans
  • Carry out research in this area to further the development of new drugs
  • Collect and analyze  experimental and clinical data related to drug kinetics or dynamics
  • To use  advanced  teaching methods 
  • To know the regulatory guidelines in drug testing, patent laws and procedures etc.
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