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The Post Graduate (M.D) Degree Course in Pathology aims at making a qualified medical graduate from a recognized medical institution fulfilling the selection criteria into a competent specialist in the subject of Human Pathology.



  • The  Post Graduate (M.D) in Pathology should acquire  a high degree of theoretical  knowledge in morbid anatomy, histopathology, cytology and haematology.
  • He  should  also have adequate  theoretical  knowledge to deal with diagnostic problems , investigations and their interpretation in clinical  pathology, chemical pathology and transfusion medicine.
  • He should be conversant  with recent development  in the field of his  specialization.
  • His knowledge in the subject  should be adequate  to impart training  to students  at all levels  including  Postgraduates.
  • He should be able to  carryout meaningful  basic/applied research.

  • The Specialist  should be capable  of carrying out most  of the important investigative  procedures pertaining to  the pathology to aid diagnosis, treatment  and prevention of  diseases
  • Should be  skilled and competent enough to provide professional inputs to assist practitioners of medicine  in diagnosis, treatment  and  prevention of diseases.
  • Should have adequate teaching skill to  train, evaluate and guide others in theoretical  and practical aspects of the subject.
  • Should have fair skill to innovate and improve investigative techniques and research procedures.
  • Should be  adept  and resourceful to seek, select and appraise suitable material to update his  knowledge and improve his skill.
  • Should be capable of planning, organizing and establishing Pathology services/department in all types of medical establishments and ensure its smooth and efficient functioning.
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