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(M.D. Pre and Para Clinical - 3 Years)
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The purpose of this course is to standardize Anatomy teaching at Post Graduate level through out the country so that it will benefit in achieving uniformity in undergraduate teaching as well. Accordingly the training in M.D. Anatomy should be distinctive from that in M.Sc., Ph.D., (Anatomy), where the approach to the subject is primarily experimental.

A candidate upon successfully qualifying in the M.D.-Anatomy examinations should be able to

  • Be a competent Anatomist.
  • Teach the undergraduate student gross anatomy, radiological anatomy, embryology,  histology, neuroanatomy and elementary genetics.
  • Assess the students’ understanding of the anatomical sciences.
  • Assess the undergraduate programmes.
  • Plan and modify the undergraduate curriculum.
  • Prepare the tissues for light microscopic study.
  • Enumerate the types of microscopes, their uses and their principles including electron microscope. Take care of maintenance of microscopes.
  • Learning the methodology, techniques of embalming, preservation of cadavers and museum techniques.
  • Design Gross Anatomy and histology laboratories for teaching undergraduate and  postgraduate students of Anatomy.
  • Plan and implement research programme.
  • Undertake histo morphometric studies.
  • Acquire knowledge relating to latest non-invasive techniques like X-rays, C.T. Scan,    M.R.I., ultrasound and their interpretation in health and disease conditions.
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