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Blood bank in CHRI has excellent infrastructure providing excellent care for the patients as well as the donors 24 hours x 7 days with a proficient team of committed professionals. It was established as storage center in the year 2005. License for operating blood bank, separation of blood components and apheresis were granted in 2006, 2008 and 2013 respectively (License number: 270/28C).

Blood collection from voluntary non-remunerated donors
Blood grouping and typing by Gel technology
Screening for transfusion-transmissible infections
Irregular antibody screening
Pre-transfusion testing
Coombs test by gel technology
Quality control
Blood donation camps
Motivation of people to donate blood by conducting awareness campaigns and felicitation

Blood Components available
Packed cells
Fresh frozen plasma
Platelet concentrate

Blood collected from voluntary non-remunerated blood donors is separated into components following approved standards. The department is furnished with latest technology high throughput equipment and large storage facilities including

· Refrigerated centrifuges
· Deep freezers
· Gel card centrifuge, incubator & reader
· Cryobath
· Plasmabath
· Platelet agitator
· Dielectric tube sealer
· Sterile connecting device
· Blood collection monitor
· Plasma expresser
· Laminar air flow
· ELISA reader
· ELISA washer
· Hemocue equipment
· Autoclave
· Incubator
· Donor couches
· Hot air oven
· Refrigerator Facilities needed for camp site

Participation in External Quality Assessment Scheme (BEQAS) conducted by National Accreditation Board for Hospitals & Healthcare Providers

Hospital Transfusion Committee
The transfusion services of the blood bank in CHRI is monitored by the Hospital Transfusion Committee in terms of the quality of transfusion, patient care, facilities and performance.

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