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1. Introduction
The Department of Gastroenterology is having the state-of-the-art facilities that put it on par with the best hospitals in the world. The department started the D.M. Gastroenterology programme in the year 2013 and offers 2 seats.

2. Eligibility and admission:
1. A candidate must possess a degree in MD/MS or DNB from a University recognized by the MCI in the respective discipline

2. Admissions will be made on the basis of valid rank obtained in the National Eligibility-cum-Entrance Test – Super Specialty (NEET-SS) and based on the admission letters issued by the competent authorities (such as DGHS).

3. Faculty:
The Department has adequate faculty members as per the MCI norms to train the post graduates, offer patient care and carry out research.

Faculty available in the Department:

Name Designation
Dr. Pughalendhi Professor & HOD
Dr. Babu Kumar S Associate Professor
Dr.Vadivel kumarn Assistant Professor

4. Letter of permission / Recognition details:
The Course was started based on the Letter of Permission (LOP) issued by the Ministry of Health and Family welfare. The LOP and the recognition of the courses can be viewed at this link.

5. Syllabus:
The Syllabus and Curriculum of the course were designed based on the MCI requirements, global trends in Medical Gastroenterology and skills the post graduates have to acquire during the training period. The syllabus is implemented after the approval of the respective board of studies and academic council and is amended and updated whenever needed.

6. Exam schedule:
The examination for DM/M.Ch shall be held at the end of third academic year. The examination will be conducted in two sessions, tentatively in August and February of the each academic year.

7. Infrastructure:
The department has the adequate OP consultation rooms, 20 bedded in-patient ward, faculty rooms, department library, and Demonstration room.

9. Equipments:
In addition to the central diagnostic and radiological facilities, the department has the following equipment for patient care and training.

S.No Description
1 1088 HD Camera Control Unit 220V
2 1088 HD Camera  Head w/24mm Coupler,3.15mtr,Cable
3 X 7000 Xenon light Source
4 6.5mm x  7.5 ft Fiber Optic Cable
5 Stryker Vision Monitor A 19" Flat Panel Custum Designed
6 Stryker Vision Monitor  Stand
7 10mm  0 degree Autoclavable Laparoscope
8 10mm 30 degree Autoclavable Laparoscope
9 High Flow Insufflator 20l
10 Surgi pump 220V
11 Foot Switch
12 Reusable tubing set
13 Disposable tubing set
14 Hand Control 5 mm irrigation tube
15 Foot Switch 5 mm irrigation tube
16 Suction irrigation pipe 10 mm
17 Monopolar high frequency cable -Martin typ
18 Bipolar cable 3M,for 13-19420 and 13-19421
19 11 mm cannula with Trocar
20 11 mm Tracor Pyramidal tip
21 5 mm cannula
22 5 mm Tracor
23 11 mm Hussan Tracor
24 11 mm Hussan Cannula
25 Reducer sleeve
26 Veresses needle
27 Maryland dissector 5 mm and 33 cm
28 Dissecting and grasping forceps 5 mm and 33 cm
29 Allis grasping forceps 5 mm and 33 cm
30 Alligator grasper and dissecting forceps 5 mm
31 Babcock Grasper 10 mm
32 Scissors straight 5 mm
33 Hook scissors 5 mm
34 Spatula electrode 5 mm
35 Double action claw forceps 10 mm
36 Peek handle monopolar
37 Peek handle multi function 5 mm
38 peek handle multi function 10 mm
39 Straight needle holder
40 8mm Cannula
41 8mm Tracor
42 Clip Applicator Ethicon
43 L Hook electrode pack of 3
44 Bipolar forceps fenestrated 5mm with ring handle
45 Myoma drill 10 mm
46 Needle holder handle
47 Needle holder

List of Equipments  available in Endoscopy
Upper GI scope
1 Gastroscope Video GIF - A150
Lower GI scope
2 Colonoscope Video CF - Q160L
Side Viewing Scope
3 Duodenoscope Video TJF - 150
4 Light Source CLV - 160
5 Processor CV - 160
6 Monitor
Electro surgical Unit
7 ERBE - 300
8 Computer
9 Printer
Endoscopy Accessories
10 Colonoscopy Biopsy Forceps
11 Dilator Syringe
12 Rothnet Foreign Body 230cm
13 Sclerotheraphy Needle
14 RTBD - 65cm
15 CH/Fr 12, 120cm, Trif Freka Tube for feeding
16 Oval fenestrated with needle (swing jaw)
FB - 240k disposable Biopsy forceps
17 Polypectomy snare - 240cm(sonnet)
18 Quick silver Bipolar coagulation probe
19 Rat tooth forceps
20 Endoclip
21 Foreign body forceps (triple & basket)
22 PEG set
23 Pneumatic Dilator Rigiflex
24 Savory Gillard Dilator (with Guide wire)
25 Voltage stabilizers
26 Boyles Apparatus
27 Pulse Oximeter
28 Cardiac Monitor
29 Rigid Sigmoidoscope
30 Fiberoptic Light source for Rigid Sigmoidoscope
31 Emergency Trolley
32 Proctoscope adult
33 Proctoscope Paediatric
34 True cut liver biopsy needle
35 Sclerotheraphy Needle
36 Needle for Glue Injection
37 Ace Gun
38 Sengstaken Blackmore Tube
ERCP Accessories
39 PTBD set
40 Monopolar cable
41 Stone Extractor
42 Guide Wire - 260cm(2)
43 Sphincterortome triple lumen
44 Wire Guided Stone Extraction Baldon
45 Fusion Looptip Wire Guide
46 Sohendra Lithotriptor Handle
47 GLO - Tip ERCP Catheter
48 ERCP - 1 - BT Classic ERCP Catheter
49 SBDC - 6 Soehendra Biliary Dilatation Catheter
50 SDBC - 7 Soehendra Biliary Dilatation Catheter
51 SDBC - 8.5 Soehendra Biliary Dilatation Catheter
52 SDBC - 10 Soehendra Biliary Dilatation Catheter
53 SLC-Soephendra Lithotripsy Cable
54 Tracer Metro Direct wire Guide - 480cm
55 Cytomax II double Lumen Cytology Brush
56 Conquest TTC Lithptriptor Cable with Adapter
57 Huibregtse triple lumen needle Knife
58 Biliary Stent (Standard) - 7cm
59 Olcott Torgue Device

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